Renolube Escalator Chain

Renolube Escalator Chain has been developed as a result of extensive prototype testing in arduous applications to exceed the industry's ever increasing demand for lower service costs and longer lifetime operation.

Renold is recognised, with over 50 years' experience, as one of the world's leading manufacturers of escalator chains.

The Renolube composite polymer bush, in conjunction with a specially designed bearing pin, has been formulated to ensure maximum lifetime operation.

The principle advantages are:

  • Substantially lower life cycle costs with development and field tests indicating a life in excess of 40 years.
  • Cleaner environment because of reduced free grease lubrication.
  • Significantly lower service costs in that periodic grease lubrication is not required.
  • Stable and predictable wear rates are a particular feature of Renolube when compared to conventionally greased chains which are prone to random failure.


Renolube offers a fully cost effective solution when replacing grease lubrication systems by considerably reducing expensive maintenance and life cycle costs.


Renolube Escalator Chain in the public service environment has proven to be extremely wear resistant. Installation of the Renolube Escalator Chain provides lifetime confidence with a chain design life of over 40 years.

Environment and Safety

The elimination of copious amounts of lubricating oils and grease creates a cleaner and safer environment, thereby reducing fire risk.