The Renold REGF Series Trapped Roller Freewheels are self-centering: sizes 8 to 20 use plain bearings and sizes 25 to 130 use a pair of 160 series ball bearings. This allows improved speed capacity for the larger freewheels.

Torque is transmitted to the inner race via a key and the outer race by means of either face keys or interference fit. If the face keys in the outer race are used for torque transmission the housing tolerance should be H7 to provide a press fit. If torque transmission is via interference alone the housing tolerance should be K6. The housing must be strong enough to accept the stresses from the interference. Shaft tolerance must be h6 / j6.

Prior to use the freewheel must be lubricated as per instructions on page 35. Oil lubrication is essential for over running applications.

The REGF is an open design so sealing must be provided by the installation.