Renold hydraulics group has been providing systems, and solutions with a focus on drives including planetary gearboxes to OEM since 1995.

Our design team has wide experience in various industries and applications including agricultural machinery, waste handling and compacting, marine, transport and mining sectors, wheel drives, elevating work platforms and cherry pickers, winches

Custom-Design Power Units: 

  • Custom-built power units including automated turn-key systems
  • Providing powers to 110kW and torques to 2.5 million Nm with infinitely variable speed
  • We also provide a range of standard power units

Power Units for a Range of Industries:

  • Scissor Lifts
  • Coal Handling Facilities
  • Marine Hook Lock Systems
  • Rotary Diaries
  • Emergency Brake Systems for Cranes
  • Sluice Gate Systems
  • Grain Stackers
  • Waste Compactors
  • Personal Lift Systems
  • Produce Sorting Systems
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