Low Maintenance Chain

The Renold Syno range sets a new benchmark for roller chain performance in lubrication-sensitive environments. Covering both small and large pitch sizes, Renold has tailored its technology to suit your requirements with a range of different solutions all brought under the Renold Syno name.

In a range incorporating technology unique to Renold and with designs based on wear and fatigue resistance you can expect improvements to working life, productivity and efficiency that will deliver long term benefits to your operation.

Whether your application requires a chain to run with little or no additional lubricant, there is sure to be an option available for you. 

Suitable Applications

For food processing environments, cleanliness is critical; the Renold Syno range is ideal to meet these requirements.

Chain used in bottling applications benefits from corrosion resistance and lubrication considerations are key.

Packaging must be transported without contamination, think “Syno” and your
problems are solved.

The printing industry goes to great lengths to ensure their output is protected from grease and dirt. The design of Syno chain ensures a clean environment due to the minimal maintenance requirements of the chain.

No stain removal required when you specify Renold Syno chain for use in textile
manufacturing environments.

Heavy loads, dirt and grime are all to be expected in sawmills. Lubrication will
attract this kind of debris causing a dramatically shortened working life. With Renold Syno PB chain this risk can be avoided.

Car assembly
Car assembly lines are an example of the need for no lubricant contamination to
vehicle panels or interiors. Syno Polymer Bush chain is lubricant-free and can take
the strain without the squeaking noise made by other chain brands.

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