Mining & Quarrying

Renold Australia has been supplying chains and power transmission products to the mining industry for over 100 years.

Our mining chain range is designed and manufactured in Australia by Renold at its Melbourne factor, including chains for breaker feeders, stacker reclaimers, shuttle cars, bucket elevators, and drill rig.

Our heavy duty reclaimer chains are a direct retrofit solution for all stacker reclaimer machines and our Shuttle car chains are designed to give long trouble free life under arduous conditions. Renold drill rig chains are dimensionally interchangeable with equivalent chains on the market.
Our key features and benefits are:

  • Chains custom designed and manufactured to meet individual customer application and requirements.
  • High wear resistance, giving extended chain life from careful selection of materials, combined with controlled heat treatment of components, high surface hardness and specially machined bush profiles. 
  • Minimum breaking load gives you peace of mind. 
  • Excellent bush security from tight manufacturing tolerances, plate hole accuracy and surface finish. 
  • Substantially improved fatigue life through high interference fits, tightly controlled plate hole quality and fatigue resistant materials. 
  • Reduced sprocket wear via strict control of pitch accuracy, resulting in excellent sprocket gearing, lower friction and lower noise levels in operation
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