Coal Mining

We manufacture chains, sprockets, shafts, and flight bars for Breaker Feeders, Shuttle Cars, Stacker Reclaimers and Rotary coal breakers.

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Breaker Feeder Chains

Heavy duty chains for all makes of breaker feeders. Incorporating wear resistant components, resulting in increased throughput and longer life.

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Stacker Reclaimer Chains

Renold stacker reclaimer chains stand up to high and impulse shock loads.

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Shuttle Car Chains

Our ACE range of shuttle car chains is robust and made from alloy steels to give long life. We also manufacture flight bars to suit most machines.

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Rotary Coal Breaker – Engineering Class Drive Chains

Renold Jeffrey engineering class drive chains run are proportioned to provide a well-balanced designed drive chain, ensuring maximum strength and minimum weight, to perform on rotary coal breakers.