Renold SmartProducts are a unique suite of diagnostic tools designed to deliver maximum performance.

SmartProducts give you the ability to know more than ever before about what is happening to your chain. This technology, developed by Renold, is helping engineers all over the world get the maximum performance out of our products.



SmartLink, a member of the SmartProducts family, is a low profile battery operated data logger that resides on the side of the chain and travels with the chain round the chain drive system. Its primary function is to collect load data from the drive to provide you with a load profile of the drive. SmartLink works by monitoring the load of the chain in real time and transmitting data to your Android or Windows Smartphone via Bluetooth BLE or by retaining the data to be later downloaded and evaluated by experienced Renold engineers.

The innovative technology can Smarklink Chain d (1)be used as part of your regular maintenance routine, after wash downs or following new chain installations to ensure the chain is installed and operating correctly. As a diagnostic tool, SmartLink aids in the identification of the potential failures of other components in the drive including stiff bearings, misalignment issues and over tension. By understanding the load as the chain travels round the sprockets, other potential issues can be identified before a critical event occurs.

SmartLink can be applied to a wide variety of chains from a 1" pitch roller chain to industrial chain including conveyor applications. Whilst there is a range of standard sizes, SmartLink can also be adapted by our engineers to suit the environmental factors of your application. Thermal and waterproof enclosures are just a few of the adaptions that can be engineered to ensure safety and optimum function in specialised situations.

SmartLink is now available for your engineers own use or as a service provided by us. The technology can be used independently of Renold to assess load and chain function via your Smartphone. For more complex requirements, Renold offers an unparalleled service in which our engineers will visit your site anywhere in the world, guide you with the installation of the SmartLink and then carry out testing for you. This is followed up with a report of the findings and product recommendations can be made where appropriate to do so. We find this service is particularly interesting for bespoke chain designs, inventory management to standardise your purchasing requirements and to optimise your processes to get the maximum life out of your chain.

Different industries all over the world have already benefited from our SmartLink consultancy service that have provided a better understanding of loads in their system. We have been able to provide information that helps companies take preventative maintenance measures to prolong chain life. Furthermore, improvements to drive layout, optimum chain selection and increased production efficiency have all been made possible as a result of Smartlink technology.

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