Sugarcane Harvesting & Processing Chain

For over 30 years, Renold has been supplying Australian sugar farmers with the most reliable harvest chain.

Renold's product improvement has resulted in the CaneBoss Ultra chain which features:

  • Improved material and heat treatment to give significant increase in tensile strength
  • Improved pins to increase wear resistance
  • Improvement s to increase roller wear life
  • Controlled chain pitch and extremely consistent length ensure accurate alignment of each set of elevator flights. Chain construction allows fitment of all brands of flights.
  • Hollow pins are fully peripheral riveted to enhance side-plate security. Accurately positioned side-plates.
  • Chains completely immersed in a specially formulated lubricant to provide protection.

Sugar Milling & Processing

We manufacture chains and sprockets for Bagasse, Main Carrier, Intermediate Carrier and heavy duty drive chains.

Bagasse Reclaimer Chain

Bagasse reclaimer chains with welded ‘F’ attachments, comprising a combination of carbon and stainless steel components.

Bagasse Reclaimer Chain

Intermediate and Main Carrier Chain

Heavy series cane carrier chains are available with various attachment types. These chains are designed to perform in corrosive and abrasive environments.

Intermediate Reclaimer Chain 

Engineering Class Drive Chain

Renold Jeffrey engineering class drive chains run some of the most demanding applications in the world. These are proportioned to provide a well-balanced designed drive chain, ensuring maximum strength and minimum weight.

Engineering Class Drive Chain 

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